Tamago Finance
Provide tools and infrastructure for NFT collectors and teams
Welcome to the Tamago Finance documentation.
At present, the price volatility of NFTs and the Metaverse-related assets remain relatively high. The general perception of NFTs being high-risk assets has caused many potential users to steer clear of the NFT universe. To bring out the full potential of financial NFTs, we believe in creating price stability for financial NFTs.
With the development of Decentralized Finance, explorations of bringing NFTs into more tangible scenarios of finance are conceiving the concept of “Financial NFT” - NFTs that are representing and certifying any type of financial equity.
Besides, Tamago Finance also has a place NFT Luckbox platform that allows users to run a campaign on it.
  • Value-backed NFT - A synthetic NFT asset that represents the specific amount of underlying asset, to mint NFT, offset fees and discounts will be given dynamically from the bonding curve to help stabilize the value of collateral reserves against outstanding assets.
  • NFT Luckbox - NFT Luckbox is a community-driven giveaway tool for Web3 & NFT projects. Built on open and collaborative infrastructure. NFT Luckbox helps Web3 projects and NFT artists connect with other NFT holders and build better communities. At the same time, the NFT holders who contribute to the listing network have a chance to participate in the growth of the new projects.
  • Multi-chain Marketplace - A specialized NFT marketplace for financial NFT assets allows anyone to trade NFT across blockchain networks.
Tamago Finance is at the early stage of development. If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via Telegram or Discord.
Last modified 2mo ago
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